Homeopathy for Anxiety & Depression

Homeopathy can help with depression and anxiety.Does it seem like life gets busier and more complicated all the time? Work, family, commitments, responsibilities, and even leisure activities can all cause us stress. Then there is a constant bombardment of information from the media.

Taking a break, let alone a day off, is often difficult to schedule even when our bodies are telling us that’s what we need. If we don’t listen, we may start to feel tired and just not ourselves. We come down with something—the flu, a cold, a headache, a stomachache, or a sore throat. We may experience a flare-up of an ongoing health issue, such as digestion, asthmatic symptoms, fatigue, anxiety, depression, skin eruptions and more. Our body is saying, “Attention!  If you don’t take time off and slow down, I will fix it so you have to take time off and slow down.” We ignore our body symptoms at our peril. Anxiety can lead to overwhelm and even depression. 

Does this sound a little too familiar?

NOTE: If you or loved one have persistent thoughts of hurting yourself or someone else, it is very essential to get help such as contacting a suicide hotline. While it may be difficult to reach out, it could be a matter of life and death.

Healing Emotional Challenges with Homeopathy

We all experience anxiety and feelings of being down sometimes—it’s part of life. But when these feelings are present most of the time or extremely intense, they can restrict and limit how we live our lives. When this happens, people often use medication, meditation, food, deep breathing, excessive alcohol or drugs to help calm or distract themselves. While these solutions may help temporarily they don’t really heal what is going on—and worse, they may cause long-lasting harm.


Anxiety can be triggered by many different things. We may be anxious about our performance, our appearance, our health, family members, financial matters, our personal safety or countless other challenges. The anxiety may also present as a physical symptom such as heart palpitations, diarrhea, feeling antsy, or having sweaty palms. We may have persistent thoughts and fears and ruminate incessantly on “what ifs.”  Homeopathy can help quell your anxiety and the physical symptoms it causes.


Homeopathy is also very helpful for people who suffer with depression. A patient of mine, a woman who has suffered from depression for most of her adult life, is a good example. With the start of homeopathic treatment, her periods of depression and the length of time she experiences depressive thoughts have become less and less. And in her words, she has more days in which she is feeling good—more open to life, more willing to share herself with others, and feeling more connected to herself and others. She also reports sleeping better and feeling more confident and clear in her work. At her last session, she told me that a very good friend of hers had commented that there is a even a different quality to her voice—a strength and greater self-assuredness even when she is feeling low.

Learn more about how homeopathy can help with anxiety and depression on my blog. 

If these are issues that are affecting you or a loved one, you owe it to yourself to learn how homeopathy can help. I offer a 15-minute get acquainted call. Contact me to schedule a time that’s convenient for you.