How I Work with You Using Homeopathy

img_flying_freedomPeople come to homeopathy for many different health concerns—ranging from physical complaints to emotional complaints to certain types of behaviors. Many times, my patients tell me their issues have been going on for a while. They may have sought out care from other forms of healing, but they are still not better. They then choose to come to homeopathy.

Homeopathy addresses the whole person – the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual. All aspects of ourselves are connected.  Homeopathy addresses the each person where they are at the present time.

What to Expect with Homeopathy

“Pamela is the most amazing alternative healing practitioner! Visiting her is like going to an old-fashioned wonderful country doctor. She really wants to know everything about you in order to properly diagnose and rectify your situation. This is crucial to any healing but especially homeopathy. Pamela will often take two hours or more if needed.

“Pamela is thorough and will dig deep to get every inkling of your problem and where it stems from in order to prescribe the correct remedy. There is never any judgment as you explain your emotions, cravings and dreams. With Pamela, you feel like you are working with both a psychologist and a doctor. She is ethical, confidential and kind. You can cry or shout or cringe and that will actually help her pinpoint the right remedy—I wholeheartedly recommend her!” – Melanie R.

You are an individual with unique needs and health goals, and I approach each of my patients that way.  Your initial consultation can last up to two hours or perhaps longer. During this time, I listen, observe, and document your description of your chief complaints and symptoms, what brought you to my office. In addition, I may ask about your dreams, your fears, your interests, and more. This information guides me in selecting a homeopathic remedy that is most similar to what you are experiencing. The remedy then stimulates your own healing process. The remedy works with your body to stimulate its own healing process with none of the side effects of some pharmaceutical medicines.
Follow up appointments are important. These appointments help me to understand how you are responding to the homeopathic remedy. At this time, I may either suggest that you wait and allow the remedy to continue working; give you another dose of the remedy; or, give you a completely different remedy. The first follow-up appointment is scheduled about four weeks after the initial dose of the homeopathic remedy. Subsequent appointments are scheduled about every four to five weeks (or as needed). These appointments can last from 30 to 90 minutes.

I see patients in my La Mesa, California office in greater San Diego, and I can also work with out-of-town patients via Skype.  Please contact me to set up a complimentary 15-minute call to discuss your concerns.