Women’s Issues and Homeopathy

Homeopathy can often help with women's health issues. Women of all ages–young girls to women in their 80s–have come to me with various health concerns. Often the issue that brought them in for homeopathic care was related to their cycle in some way. A woman’s cycle brings hormonal changes which are very much part of her case when she seeks homeopathic care. These changes affect her reproductive life, her emotional life, and her mental life, and they are all important.

Each woman’s experiences are unique. Some common things I see with my women patients are:

  • Their symptoms were worse during their periods.
  • Their issue began when they started or ended having a menstrual period (puberty or menopause).
  • Their complaint was related to the use of birth control medication which changes the hormonal balance in a woman’s body.
  • Their complaint was exacerbated during pregnancy.

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