Homeopathy for Injuries and First Aid

first aidHomeopathy is excellent for injuries and first aid, such as falls, cuts, bruises, sprains, burns, and after dental and surgeries. It is helpful for present injuries as well as those which have happened in the past from which the injured person is better but is still experiencing aftereffects from the injury or accident.

Homeopathy can also help when the problem is an emotional upset or loss such as abuse, a wartime experience, or other trauma. Remedies such as Arnica montana can be very helpful in first aid.  Read more about using homeopathy on my blog. 

Help for Old Traumas

Even long after the injury occurs, homeopathy can still be of help. I have a patient who had suffered from a concussion. She came to homeopathy seven months after the accident complaining of lingering symptoms. With healing from homeopathy, these lingering symptoms healed and she is doing much better. As she says, she is humming now.

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